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CNG Refuelling at Home

gasfill HOME Unit


Novel patented multi stage oil free high pressure compression technology.

For use in growing target markets:

  • Refuelling compressed natural gas vehicles
  • Hydrogen storage and transportation
  • Compression of other industrial gases – helium, Medical Air, Nitrogen and Biomethane

Please call + 44 1789 751337 if interested

There’s nothing new about running your car on other fuels apart from petrol, in fact there are millions of vehicles in the world today that don’t use petrol or diesel. Fuelling you vehicle at home or work using the same gas that heats your home, office or factory isn’t new either. This type of fuel is called Compressed Natural Gas or CNG for short.

At gasfill we have developed a small slow fill CNG compressor unit that can operate at any home, office or factory around the world and is ideal for car or light van users. Our products are high quality, safe and have been extensively tried and tested.

What could be easier – convenience of re-fuelling at home or at work plus:

  • Significantly lower fuel costs (up to 60% saving)
  • CO2 saving technology (20% reduction v petrol)
  • Low emission fuel (low NOx and near zero particulates)
  • Simple to install
  • Simple to operate
  • Oil free compression for very low maintenance
  • Unparalled safety features
  • No need to visit a retail fuel station
  • Ability to shop around for a fuel supplier
  • Less volatile fuel price

Who is gasfill?

gasfill is based in the UK at Leicester. We have spent our working lives in energy, engineering and vehicle manufacturing. Our products are well designed, easy to use, proven and convenient.

Our business premise is simple: –

  • FLEXIBILITY – A vehicle that uses petrol or CNG
  • CONVENIENCE – I can re-fuel my vehicle(s) with CNG at home or at work
  • TIME – I don’t need to go to a petrol station as often
  • SAVE MONEY – Up to 60% reduction in fuel costs

What products we offer

Based on feedback from customers our gasfill 2000 unit has now been superseded by our new, smaller gasfill HOME unit. This can still refuel a car or van in under 10 hours at a rate of 2.0 m3 of compressed natural gas per hour but is smaller and easier to install. That’s enough to give you a range of over 195 miles on a full fill. Units are available now so contact us for further details.

We also provide gasfill FLEET units, aimed at the small fleet/van market. We can offer single units or link a number of units with on site cylinder storage and a fillpost to create a mini fast fill system which is ideal for small fleets of cars and light vans. Again, contact us for further details.