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Naturgy and Beconsa Inaugurate the First NGV Station in Salamanca

The mayor of Carbajosa de la Sagrada, Pedro Samuel Martín, the head of the Department of Saving and Energy Efficiency of the EREN, Roberto Getino , the director of Naturgy Group Projects ,Jaume Cases and the CEO of the transport company Beconsa, Paulino Benito, have inaugurated the first public natural gas filling station for vehicles in Salamanca, located on Vertical Third Street, 6, in Polígono el Montalvo III of Carbajosa de la Sagrada, Spain. 

The natural gas station, located in a location of great strategic value due to its important freight traffic, proximity to the city centre and connection with Portugal, has an LNG tank, which will allow supplying the entire fleet of the transport company BECONSA and the increasingly growing demand for heavy transport and vehicles.

For the implementation of this infrastructure, Naturgy has made an investment close to 800,000 euros. The project of this gas station is complemented by an exhibition area where some models of vehicular natural gas vehicles (NGV) are shown for sale in the market and information is provided to transform a vehicle to natural gas.

The opening ceremony was also supported by the general director of IVECO Spain and Portugal, Ruggero Mughini, a company that has a full range of natural gas industrial vehicles that includes everything from light, medium and heavy vehicles to passenger transport vehicles.

Source: Naturgy