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Spain: Freight Transport Association Encourages Conversions to CNG

CETM-Madrid has signed a collaboration agreement with Ecotruck, a company specialised in the transformation of diesel vehicles to Natural Gas and LPG, to facilitate the adaptation of vehicles so that they can operate with compressed natural gas (CNG).

With this agreement, the association of the CETM in Madrid, seeks to expand the specialized services for its associates and help them comply with the new environmental policies that, in the Community of Madrid, have a special significance. In this way, they will be able to access certain advantages such as tax bonuses in the IVTM, discounts on SER rates, extended hours of access to Central Madrid or the possibility of driving during episodes of high pollution.

The president of CETM-Madrid, Cristóbal San Juan, and Miguel Angel Martín representing Ecotruck, have been responsible for sealing this alliance. The company, leader in its sector, uses the most advanced technology to adapt diesel vehicles to Natural Gas or LPG, from vans to trucks.

A process called DUAL-FUEL since once completed, the vehicle will simultaneously consume natural Gas or LPG in addition to diesel. Thanks to this, the vehicles will be able to obtain the environmental label ECO of the DGT, for Euro-6 engines, in addition, it entails significant fuel savings, around 20% in heavy vehicles.

Source: CETM-Madrid