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Spanish Public Utility Company Committed to Sustainable Transport

LABYGEMA (Water and Waste Management Laboratory, as in its Spanish acronym) has incorporated vehicles with natural gas technology into its fleet as part of its commitment to sustainability and as a fundamental pillar of its business strategy. The vehicles will be used by technicians for the provision of services such as: waste management, water sampling and analysis, technical assistance and maintenance of drinking water and wastewater facilities.

The use of vehicles accounts for a large part of the carbon footprint produced by the company’s activity, so, after identifying improvements in its business strategy and its alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), LABYGEMA decided to bet on eco-mobility. The option for NGVs was taken based on the advantages of its use both from an environmental, energy and economic point of view.

SDG 11 “SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES” aims to achieve sustainable cities and communities, through the access of the entire population to adequate, affordable and safe housing, basic services and means of transport, especially for people in vulnerable situations. It also seeks to encourage the reduction of the environmental impact in the cities, green areas and safe and inclusive public spaces, a sustainable urban planning and an improvement of the conditions in the disadvantaged areas.

Companies are key actors to achieve these goals, introducing sustainable mobility criteria internally. One of the measures to be taken by companies is the use of fleet vehicles that are energetically efficient, run on clean fuels and are accessible to all people.