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SEUR Partners with LeasePlan to Offer Flexible Renting

Spanish parcel company SEUR has added 100 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to its fleet in a flexible renting mode through an agreement with the LeasePlan rental company. The 100 cars will be primarily used to carry out urgent deliveries in Madrid and Barcelona, ensuring a more sustainable delivery according to LeasePlan.

With flexible leasing, SEUR can adapt the volume of its fleet depending on its activities or peaks of service, highlighted LeasePlan, which in turn stressed that compressed natural gas (CNG) is characterised by being cheaper and consuming and emitting less CO2.

“Our agreement with SEUR is a sign of our ambition to drive change towards cleaner fleets in companies,” said LeasePlan Spain CEO Alberto Sáez.

“With the e-commerce boom we have not only moved from moving large shipments from one point to another, to deliver small packages to thousands of homes each day, but we have also managed to anticipate one of the main demands of online buyers: I bought it and I want it already. Uniting both not only leads us to develop innovative solutions focused on the recipient and to invest in technology and new facilities, but also to adapt our fleet of vehicles, increasingly present in the cities,” said Marc Bayo, director of SEUR.

Source: LeasePlan