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Redexis and Fiat Professional Collaborate to Encourage NGV Mobility

Redexis and Fiat Professional will collaborate to promote sustainable mobility through the promotion of compressed natural gas (CNG). Fernando Bergasa, president of Redexis, and Alberto de Aza, CEO of FCA Spain and Portugal, today signed an agreement whereby the two companies commit to the development and promotion of sustainable mobility through the promotion of natural gas vehicles (NGV), thus reaffirming its commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Through this agreement, Fiat will promote CNG vehicles in its dealerships with the aim of extending its purchase and use, and will also share with Redexis information on the demand for this type of vehicles and on agreements to promote the installation of charging points with public access, in those areas close to the points of sale of the vehicles and that are considered of special relevance. Within the framework of this agreement, Redexis will develop the CNG loading facilities necessary to meet this demand for land mobility.

Fernando Bergasa, president of Redexis, said that “our goal is to continue building and developing the necessary infrastructure to promote more sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly alternative fuels in our country. That is why we expect to have more than 100 CNG stations nationwide in the next two years.”

The CEO of FCA Spain and Portugal, Alberto de Aza, stressed: “This agreement undoubtedly represents an important boost to the commitment that Fiat Professional has been making for more than 10 years on alternative energy vehicles thanks to the union of strengths of 2 leading companies in their respective sectors: Redexis, as a leading company in the development of Natural Gas Vehicular infrastructure, and Fiat Professional, which with its “Natural Power” range offers the most complete solution in the Commercial Vehicles market Light as far as the use of this type of energy is concerned.”

According to Gasnam’s registration data in Spain, and taking into account the current growth rate, the potential of vehicles powered by natural gas in Spain could exceed one million cars before 2030.

Source: Redexis