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OrangeGas and Vollenhoven Olie Jointly Open Two Refuelling Stations

Dutch alternative fuels supplier OrangeGas and regular fuel supplier Vollenhoven Oil (a member of the AVIA Group) have joined forces, leading to the opening of two green gas filling stations in Tilburg, in the southern province of North Brabant. The first of these new green gas filling stations has now been opened.

The reason for this new collaboration is the tendering of regional and school transportation in the Tilburg area and surrounding municipalities that started in 2017. Taxi companies that now carry out the work are largely driven by green gas. However, the supply of tank locations was zero. The new refuelling stations can refuel the taxis on the route and save time and money.

The green gas filling stations are located at Vollenhoven Oil locations under the AVIA flag. Over the years, Vollenhoven Oil has developed into one of the largest independent and independent oil wholesalers in the Netherlands. By investing together with OrangeGas in green gas refuelling locations, it is taking a second concrete step towards sustainable fuels in addition to the sale of sustainable biodiesel and bioethanol.

OrangeGas only uses clean fuels, including green gas in the Netherlands and Germany. With two owned biogas production locations in Beverwijk and Mijdrecht, they sell their own green gas at the pump. OrangeGas now has 85 stations in the Netherlands and Germany.

Source: OrangeGas