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North American Alliance to Boost Natural Gas Vehicle Adoption

A group of Pacific Northwest businesses and non-profit businesses announced the launch of the Northwest Alliance for Clean Transportation. The Alliance is committed to helping the region reduce harmful pollutants and greenhouse emissions by encouraging the use of natural gas vehicles. Alliance members include utilities Puget Sound Energy, NW Natural, Avista and FortisBC. They are joined by non-profit businesses including Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities, American Biogas Council, and Natural Gas Vehicles for America.

“Natural gas vehicles offer a practical and cost-effective solution to some of our most severe air quality problems,” said Connor Reiten, the group’s Director of Policy and Operations. “This technology is a ready-made solution, and we need to get the word out to businesses and policy makers that this can make a big and immediate difference.”

The Alliance aims to raise awareness of the many benefits of NGVs to the Northwest. These range from reducing air pollution and carbon emissions to cost-savings from lower fuel prices and maintenance costs. Additionally, the advantages of NGVs can be multiplied with the use of renewable natural gas or biomethane, which offers even more environmental benefits, especially with respect to greenhouse gases, with up to a 115% GHG reduction over diesel.

“We must make sure policy makers understand that NGVs can be the best bet for air quality in many applications,” added Reiten. “For example, natural gas is a great low-emissions alternative to diesel vehicles.

Source: NW Alliance for Clean Transportation