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Naturgy to Open the First Dual CNG and LNG Station in Galicia

The director of Projects of Mobility of the company Naturgy, Alfonso del Río, and the manager of the service station Vallibria de Vilalba, Adolfo Pérez Díaz, have signed a contract for the construction of the first public dual station of liquefied and compressed natural gas (GNL / GNC) of Galicia, which will be located on the N-634 as it passes through the Martiñan site of the municipality of Lugano.

As indicated by Naturgy in a statement, the site has “great strategic value” due to its proximity to the A-8 motorway, the starting point of the Cantabrian corridor, “which ensures the possibility of refuelling all the fleets in Galicia with destiny to the north of Spain, France and Europe.”

In this sense, the station will have a tank of 60 cubic meters of LNG, as well as a pump of this type of fuel and two of CNG, which will allow the refuelling of vehicles, both light and heavy.

“The construction of this outlet, scheduled for October, will give competitiveness to the Galician transport sector and will cover with private initiative the lack of LNG infrastructure in the Cantabrian corridor, since the A-8 is not included in the European transport development projects, projects that have support for the promotion of this type of infrastructure”, explained Naturgy.

According to the company, this initiative is part of the Naturgy mobility promotion project, which aims to promote the use of natural gas as fuel as the “best sustainable alternative” to fossil fuels derived from oil and boost the network of stations in Galicia.