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Naturgy Inaugurates Its First CNG Station in Cartagena

Naturgy has inaugurated the first public natural gas supply station for vehicles in Cartagena. The plant, which allows the supply of compressed natural gas (CNG), is located on Pedro Sánchez Meca Avenue in Cartagena, in a strategic location close to the port activity.

This new refueling point is added to the one currently held by the energy company in the Murcia neighbourhood of the Era Alta and which supplies compressed natural gas (CNG) to both public fleets and private vehicles. In addition, it is expected that in the coming months a third will be inaugurated in Molina de Segura that will allow refuelling of both light and heavy vehicles by having suppliers in both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) form.

The implementation of this new natural gas supply station is part of the company’s mobility promotion project, which aims to enhance the use of natural gas as a fuel as the best sustainable alternative to fossil fuels derived from petroleum.

This new public natural gas supply station represents a further step for Naturgy in its commitment to move forward in the transition to clean energy transport models that contribute to improving air quality and, therefore, people’s health.

The new map of vehicular natural gas recharging points in Spain will allow to meet the increase in demand in the coming years and strengthen the availability of this fuel in the market, given the increase that vehicles powered by natural gas are experiencing.

Source: Naturgy