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Híper Usera Launches a Fleet of Hybrid Natural Gas Vehicles From SEAT

The supermarket chain Híper Usera based in Madrid has acquired a fleet of 35 hybrid TGI SEAT Ibiza vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) to be used in commercial and supervisory tasks.

The objective of Híper Usera is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thus contributing to the achievement of a healthy and sustainable environment, according to sources in the chain.

The hybrid TGI SEAT Ibiza model will reduce CO2 emissions by 25% and noise pollution by 50% compared to the diesel vehicles. The particularity of the new vehicles of Híper Usera is that they work with two tanks, one for natural gas and another for petrol.

The engine of the vehicle uses compressed natural gas (CNG) primarily and only uses petrol when the first one is finished, in such a way that many more kilometres can be covered without there being the need to refuel. On the other hand, the existence of the two deposits guarantees a surplus of reliability.

The vehicles will be delivered step by step throughout the summer on June 15, 2018; the first two units arrived and on September 20, 2018 where the execution of the entire order will be completed.

Source: Híper Usera