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Finland Targets 25% of New Cars to Use Natural Gas or Electricity by 2025

The Finnish government has penned an agreement with the main auto industry group, as part of several measures aimed at halving road traffic carbon emissions by 2030.

The Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs (AKL) and the state unveiled their Green Deal climate agreement in order to lower the average carbon emissions from new cars by four percent annually.

The non-binding pact aims to reduce the average age of vehicles on the road while encouraging consumers to buy low-emission or alternative-fuel cars.

Finland only has one significant car manufacturer, Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki. It currently produces three Mercedes-Benz models as well as electric vehicle solutions such as battery packs, having produced several electric car models in the past.

Transport Minister Anne Berner said low-emission or alternative-fuel cars will become “mainstream”. Under the plan, a quarter of all new cars sold will be electric or run on natural gas by 2025. Natural gas, a fossil fuel, has lower carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions than conventional petrol or diesel.

Source: Yle