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Discover the Compressed Natural Gas Arona TGI

SEAT have sent their Arona TGI across several countries in order to show the benefits of compressed natural gas. The Arona TGI went on a 1,622-mile road trip through four European countries in a cost-saving, compressed natural gas Arona TGI, with just £102 spent on gas for the entire trip- or 50% less than on petrol in a similar car.

Barcelona (Spain) – Colmar (France): 649 miles

The journey began in Barcelona. The first stop was to fill up the Arona TGI with compressed natural gas (CNG). A full tank for less than an equivalent of £14, allowing a range with gas of 211 miles. In the navigator, a 649-mile route that will be covered by refuelling three times. The first destination, Colmar, the French city in the Alsace region with the most famous Christmas tradition. From the last week of November until the end of the year, its typical, quaint half-timbered houses are transformed with lights and impressive Christmas decorations. Besides its five small markets, another jewel is its skating rink. It is one of the most popular activities enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

Cost of gas: £41

Savings: £42

Treats: £12 (£6 ice skating, £6 hot chocolate)

Colmar (France) – Zurich (Switzerland): 97 miles

The Christmas route aboard a car fuelled with CNG continues to Zurich, 97 miles away, which requires just over a third of the gas in the tank. The Swiss city has several fairs, among which is Europe’s largest covered Christmas market, located inside the central train station. It is impossible not to stop at many of the 160 booths surrounding a 15-metre tree decorated with 5,000 glass ornaments.

Cost of gas: £6

Savings: £6

Treats: £26 (£18 reindeer ornaments, £8 glass ball)

Zurich (Switzerland) – La Morra (Italy): 272 miles

The next destination of the Arona TGI is 272 miles away. Crossing the Alps on snowy roads to get to La Morra, a small Italian village of 2,700 inhabitants surrounded by vineyards, which is reached with just over a full tank of gas. The shops feature typical Christmas products such as hazelnut nougat, hazelnut cream cake and its famous candied chestnuts.

Cost of gas: £17

Savings: £18

Treats: £55 (£21 hazelnut nougat, hazelnut cream cake and candied chestnuts, £34 lunch with white truffle).

La Morra (Italy) – Les Bains de Saint Thomas (French Pyrenees): 485 miles

On the way back the Arona TGI makes one last stop to the heart of the Eastern Pyrenees, at an altitude of 1,150 metres and at the end of a small mountain road are the Saint Thomas hot springs. The outdoor temperature is 5 °C at this time of the year, but its sulphur rich waters are at 37 °C and have a healing, soothing effect. The ideal way to end an exciting TGI trip.

Cost of gas: £30

Savings: £32

Treats: £12 (dip in the hot springs)

Les Bains de Saint Thomas (French Pyrenees) – Barcelona (Spain): 118 miles

1,622 miles with CNG: Including the return trip to Barcelona, the Arona TGI travelled more than 1,600 miles on European roads and motorways, refuelling at 8 gas filling stations of the close to 3,700 that can be found in Europe. Only £102 was spent on gas, which is half the amount with a similar petrol car.

Cost of gas: £7

Savings: £8

Total cost of gas: £102

Total savings vs petrol: £106

Total spent on treats: £106

Emission reduction: 52.22 kg of CO2

The Arona 1.0 TGI 90 CV FR facts and figures:

  • Four fuel tanks: three primary for CNG / secondary for petrol
  • ECO label
  • 25% fewer emissions compared to a petrol powered car
  • 340 kilometre range with gas + 140 with petrol
  • 13.8 kg gas tank
  • Consumption of 4.0 kilos/100 kilometres.

Source: SEAT