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CNG-Powered SEAT Vehicle Sales Forecast 10% Rise by 2020

In an interview with Efe, Mikel Palomera, the newly appointed global head of the compressed natural gas (CNG) strategy of SEAT, estimated that 1,000 units (1% of its sales) were registered last year in Spain.

At present, the range includes the Mii, Seat Leon and Leon ST (family) models and the new Ibiza. In the future there will be a version of the new Arona and its feasibility will be studied in the Ateca.

The forecast for 2018 is that 3% of the total sales of SEAT will be CNG vehicles, a percentage that in 2020 will rise to 10%, according to Mikel Palomera.

For the Spanish manger, these type of hybrid vehicles contain a petrol tank of 40-50 liters (depending on the model) and 3-15 kilos with the CNG-powered versions. The CNG SEAT vehicles are cheaper and more ecological compared to electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrids because its autonomy is greater, cost per kilometer is lower and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of energy delivered are much lower than traditional fuels.

Source: GNV Magazine