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SEAT Spain: Committed to Natural Gas in Its Phase of Expansion

SEAT is completely committed to its bi-fuel CNG/gasoline technology (TGI) as the best alternative for eco-mobility in the fuel market. This is mainly due to the benefits offered by this technology, compared to petrol, diesel, LPG and even non-plug-in electric hybrids. SEAT’s TGI range begins a clear growth towards its consolidation in the market, with an incredible increase of sales thanks to the confidence of the public.

In the first two months of this year, SEAT already sold 557 units of its TGI range, or what is the same, sales multiplied by ten compared to the same period last year. The cumulative sales of 2018 have already exceeded the registrations made during the first nine months in 2017.

At the end of 2017 SEAT registered a clear increase in the sales of its ECO offer, with an increase of more than 300% compared to 2016.

SEAT continues to strengthen its TGI range, and the recent arrival of the Ibiza 1.0 TGI of 90 HP, was based on the Mii Ecofuel of 68 HP, the best option for urban mobility, and the Leon 1.4 TGI of 110 HP, both in its five-door variant and the ST family, available with manual transmission and DSG.

SEAT has one of the most complete offers of natural gas vehicles (NGV) in the market, covering the urban and compact segments. Also in a few months it will tap into the SUV segment with the launch of the Arona TGI. Arona will be the first SUV in the international market with a natural gas engine. Also, with its launch, SEAT will become the Volkswagen Group’s brand with the widest NGV range.

Most recently, SEAT attended the Geneva Motor Show, where it promoted the Ibiza 1.0 TGI FR, which reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to natural gas.

Source: SEAT Spain