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Monthly Archives: October 2018

SEAT and AFGNV Partner to Promote Natural Gas as a Fuel in France

SEAT President Luca de Meo and the President of the Association Française du Gaz Naturel pour Véhicules (AFGNV), Jean-Claude Girot, have signed a strategic agreement to promote joint innovation projects and expand the use of natural gas in the area of mobility in France. This long-term partnership is a further step in SEAT’s strategy to spearhead growth in the segment of cars fuelled with compressed natural gas (CNG) and consolidates the company as an international benchmark.

SEAT President Luca de Meo emphasised that “with this agreement we reaffirm our commitment to developing compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel. Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles actively contribute to efficient mobility in cities, reducing emissions and fulfilling new environmental criteria.”

The AFGNV is an organisation which gathers French public, economic and industrial stakeholders, and its goal is to promote the development and use of natural gas and biogas as fuels in France. Its members include the Association Française du Gaz, vehicle manufacturers, businesses in the gas, automotive and mechanical sectors, and natural gas distributors and suppliers.

AFGNV President Jean-Claude Girot explained that “we are pleased that SEAT has joined our association, which rallies and mobilises a sector of the future with a view to sustainable growth. Their expertise will enhance that which is contributed by the 90 current members.”

Source: SEAT

Repsol Advocates Natural Gas a Key Energy Source for Decarbonisation

Repsol Chairman Antonio Brufau opened the fourth edition of the company’s Energy for Europe Conferences in Brussels, attended by European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Elżbieta Bieńkowska and other members of the European Parliament.

During his address, Brufau emphasized the need for regulation that facilitates the energy transition while maintaining the competitiveness of Europe’s energy industry.

Brufau reiterated his advocacy of natural gas as the cornerstone of achieving global CO2 emission reduction goals in the short term, making it a key energy source, along with renewables, for replacing coal in electricity generation.

Brufau also stressed that it is essential to continue innovating and developing new technologies through sustainable funding, to achieve an energy transition that will lead to a more efficient, dynamic, and environmentally-sustainable model.

“We want in Europe a smart, clean and competitive industry, which can deliver sustainable growth and quality jobs”, said Elżbieta Bieńkowska. “Innovation is crucially important in all sectors, also to turn the challenges of reducing emissions into opportunities.”

Source: Repsol

Skoda to Launch CNG Octavia G-TEC at Paris Motor Show

At the 2018 Paris Motor Show from October 2 to 10, 2018; Skoda the Czech brand will be demonstrating how the driver and their environment are becoming ever more closely connected. At its stand, visitors attending the show will be able to experience technologies and services virtually which make easier and more sustainable everyday mobility.

The Czech brand will be presenting its new Octavia G-TEC with more power and greater range when running on compressed natural gas (CNG). The Skoda Octavia G-TEC comes with a new, more powerful 1.5-litre TSI engine (96 kW / 130 PS). Running on compressed natural gas (CNG) reduces CO2 emissions by around 25% compared to petrol. In addition, significantly less NOx is emitted and there are no soot particles.

The Skoda Octavia G-TEC is exclusively available as a COMBI and in the Active, Ambition and Style trim levels. It complies with the currently strictest EU6d-TEMP emissions standard and achieves a range of 480 km when travelling purely on environmentally friendly natural gas. Its three compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks have a combined total capacity of 17.7 kg. An 11.8-litre petrol tank ensures mobility in regions with no natural gas fuelling stations.

Source: Skoda