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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Snam and api Group Sign Agreement for 200 NGV Fuelling Stations in Italy

Snam and api Group have signed a framework agreement for the development of approximately 200 new natural gas and biomethane fuelling stations in Italy, within IP commercial network. The agreement is part of both companies’ commitment to promoting sustainable mobility and aims to extend the distribution network of natural gas for transport throughout the country.

Under the agreement, Snam and api Group will jointly identify existing fuelling stations on the IP ordinary and motorway networks where they will be able to install facilities to supply compressed natural gas (CNG) to cars. The first 30 stations will be bound by contract within the first few months of 2019.

The use of natural gas in transport is one of the leading technologies available to help reduce emissions and improve air quality, as well ensuring significant financial benefits for consumers.

The agreement will help promote sustainable mobility in Italy therefore benefitting both the environment and consumers. Snam4Mobility’s initiatives are aimed at sector operators to support the development of natural gas and biomethane fuelling stations and their increased presence in the country’s various regions, which will help improve the quality of supply to consumers.

The diffusion of innovative and sustainable fuels such as methane is consistent with the development path of the api Group which is today, with over 5000 service stations throughout Italy, the leading Italian operator in the fuel sector by number of distribution points.

Source: Snam

V-GAS Network Continues Expansion with New Station in Southern France

PROVIRIDIS through its distribution subsidiary V-GAS has opened a new natural gas station in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in southern France.

The 24-hour V-GAS station is equipped with a compressed natural gas (CNG) and two liquefied natural gas (LNG) dispensers and is manned by a pump attendant to support drivers.

V-GAS is set to open another station in Plan d’Orgon in line with its plans to establish a network of 18 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in the region in three years.

In June, V-GAS opened an LNG station in Saint Quentin Fallavier, 30 km south east of Lyon.


SEAT CNG-Powered Mii Simplified for Youth Urban-Driver Market

SEAT has streamlined the Mii range to make the urban car an easier purchase option. This popular small car is aimed directly at the youth-urban driver market. The updated version now include three trim levels: Style, Chic and FR Line – all of which are operated with compressed natural gas (CNG).

The SEAT Mii will be exclusively available as a 5-door version and offers many technological features including BeatsAudio®, infotainment system with Bluetooth, USB, SD Card and smartphone integration with dedicated DriveMii App (available on AppStore and Google Play Store) and air conditioning.

In keeping with the character of the Mii, an additional combination of styling and modern technologies can be added with the Easy Flex, Winter Pack and Sensoric Pack. Easy Flex brings the practicality of a double boot floor, seat adjustment and a hook in the glove box to Style vehicles.

The Winter Pack adds heated seats, electric and heated exterior mirrors, while the Sensoric Pack brings cruise control, rear parking sensors, rain and light sensors as well as LED daytime running lights. There are also a number of options including a sunroof, spare wheel and safety assist among others.

The SEAT Mii is fitted with a 68PS CNG engine making it the best ECO alternative in the market.

Source: SEAT

Eni and Snam Sign Contract to Open 20 New Natural Gas Stations in Italy

Eni and Snam, through its subsidiary Snam4Mobility, have signed a second contract implementing the framework agreement signed in May 2017, aimed at creating 20 new compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling stations for vehicles in Italy, as part of both companies’ commitment to promoting sustainable mobility in the country.

The deal follows the contract signed a few months ago to create a group of 14 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations, of which the first are due to open within the first quarter of 2019. Under the agreement, Snam will design, create and maintain 20 new compressed natural gas (CNG) stations within Eni’s national distributor network. The investment for these activities is expected to be within the region of €10 million.

Natural gas is one of the best technologies available to help reduce emissions in mobility, with benefits in terms of air quality, as well as significant financial advantages for consumers. Mobility using natural gas is also becoming increasingly renewable through the gradual development of a biomethane supply chain that uses existing facilities.

Eni’s goal is to further strengthen its sustainable mobility offering with this initiative. Within Eni’s network of 4,400 stations, 3,500 supply Eni Diesel+, the premium diesel with a 15% renewable component, while around 1,000 stations supply LPG and methane, two of which are liquefied natural gas (LNG) and 180 are compressed natural gas (CNG).

Source: Eni

HAM Opens the First Natural Gas Station in the Port of Barcelona

The HAM Group has officially launched a new public access station that will offer both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the province of Barcelona. This new station is the first one to be located within the port of Barcelona, and with this there are already 18 public stations operated by HAM (13 with CNG and 15 with LNG).

Although the official opening will be in the months of September and October this year, the station is already operational for the refuelling of vehicles.

Thanks to this new HAM facility, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be provided to port vehicles, heavy or light trucks, vans, taxis and passenger cars. This installation service will not only reduce the operating fuel costs but also supposes a new alternative so that the port’s transportation can reduce emissions and improve the air quality in Barcelona. The station has a double compressed natural gas (CNG) dispenser and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) dispenser.

In addition to the station in the port of Barcelona, ​​HAM plans to expand its network of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) with the installation of new refuelling points in the peninsula. The most advanced according to the information that GASNAM has received are located in the communities of Aragón, Asturias, Castilla y León, Galicia and Extremadura.

There are already 59 natural gas stations operation in Spain, which will soon increase by 43 that are currently under construction.

Source: Gasnam