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Monthly Archives: November 2013

gasfill seeks partner to take unique HRA to market

gasfill seeks partner to take unique HRA to market
The UK-based firm behind gasfill HOME – a domestic refuelling unit for CNG vehicles – is looking for a manufacturing company to help it enter volume production and engage with global energy suppliers.
The gasfill compressed natural gas (CNG) home refuelling appliance (HRA) features a patented, three stage, oil free compressor technology that only requires a domestic gas and electricity supply to be used. By removing reliance on the development of a nationwide network of refuelling stations, the concept offers a strong proposition for investment in the worldwide natural gas vehicle (NGV) market – currently estimated to be growing at 15% per year, with around 15 million CNG vehicles on the road today.
gasfill is one of only a very few manufacturers in the world to offer HRA technology on this platform and the only one to combine three important benefits; a 12,000 hour design life, low through-life cost of ownership and market readiness compared to other developing technologies. “With the right partner, we are confident of capturing an early and leading share of this exciting market,” said Norman Leece, managing director at gasfill.
gasfill, which describes itself as “an alternative fuel technology developer” had always believed that the commercialisation of its unique HRA technology required a forward-thinking engineering manufacturer. “We are looking for a company with the capacity to assemble high volume compressed gas appliances and the ability to open up routes to market in target regions,” said Leece.
Europe and the USA have been identified as priority markets, with Asia and other global regions to follow in the future. With its flexible technology platform, gasfill HOME can be adapted to meet specific performance and operational demands between countries.
“The increasing abundance of gas and its significantly lower CO2 and vehicle emissions are driving the CNG refuelling market, with countries like the US just starting to open up due to increased reliance on shale gas. gasfill HOME is ideally positioned to take advantage of this opportunity; designed and engineered as a cost-effective, convenient, mass market product. While we know there is genuine interest in our product, we are keen to find an established company able to handle the next stage in its commercial development,” added Leece.
The company estimates the global market opportunity for HRAs could be over one million units per year based on an expectation that NGV will ultimately represent 5% of the global vehicle park by 2025.